4th  – 10th OCTOBER 2022




The Future African Space Explorer’s STEM Academy is a young but growing initiative with the aim of bringing space exploration to the African classroom, wherein the majority of learners have barriers to entry to the vocation through a lack of access to information and resources.

Through a collaborative effort with global space technology & exploration industry leaders and nation-states from South Africa and eventually the entire African space, we will bring the tools and infrastructure for the African child to explore space from their classroom to eventually reach the stars!




To bring Space to the classroom as a gateway to STEM. To educate all African students and empower them to expand their opportunities, enriching their community through science and technology. The concept is to give a top-down vision from strategic, economic, and technical perspectives and opportunities for employment in the Space sector and advocate for the creation of a sustainable space ecosystem. Space exploration is an expanding vocation that will provide vast socio-economic benefits to a nation through its youth, who are the future leaders.




The world is far from the goal of equal opportunity for all, Education for All, and in our case ,Space for All. Circumstances beyond children’s control, including gender, race, ethnicity and the socio-economic status of their parents continue to affect their chances of succeeding in life.

Why Space Exploration -Space Science education?

Space exploration is an emerging global megatrend and recent developments in space travel may be setting the stage for a striking new era of Space science technology advancement.

Through technology, the world has become a global community and nations have become less segregated.

To play a meaningful role and have a substantive contribution to global policy and initiative, it is vital for a nation to have world-class systems and thought leaders in sectors and industries that are shaping the future. And Space exploration is shaping the future. Space education has to be part of a child’s Foundational learning, Foundational learning refers to basic literacy, numeracy, and transferable skills, that are the building blocks for a life of learning. Just as we would not build a house without solid foundations, we cannot expect a child to thrive without solid foundational skills. Yet today, across most of the developing world, these foundations of learning are not strong enough. As FASESA how do we make a difference?

Date: July 29, 2022

Client: FASESA

Project url: https://fasesa.com/events/2022/july/

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